Before I started my Ph.D. program at Annenberg, I had been involved in science and multimedia journalism for four years. I used to work for news organizations such as National Geographic (China),, The Why Files, and Madison Commons. I was awarded the Madison Commons Scholarship for my coverage of science and environmental issues in Madison, Wisconsin. I used to be a videographer for UW Hospital & Clinics, covering its art healing program. Outside of my research and teaching, I am also interested in photography. My photographic work has won a series of international awards, including the Smithsonian Photo Contest, American Aperture Awards, and iPhone Photography Awards. I recently published a book on mobile photography (in Chinese) and I maintain an Instagram account of 24 thousand followers.

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Road salt lingers in Madison’s watersheds and drinking water

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The beautiful iPhone photography of Yilang Peng
Instagram: lithium42
Book: Introduction to mobile photography (in Chinese)

Science writing (in Chinese)
Geology, psychology, and communication